Magnum currently has five fully equipped cased hole electric wireline units.  These units are equipped with state of the art Computer Sonic Systems Dual Spaced/ Radial Analysis Cement Bond Logging Equipment & Perforating/Depth Control software.

The services/equipment that we currently offer include:

  • GR/CCL correlation logging
  • Temperature logging
  • DSCBL/VDL/GR/CCL logging
  • Multi-Plex 360 ° Radial Analysis logging (Cement Evaluation)
  • Bridge Plug/Packer/Retainer setting
  • Gauge Ring/Junk basket running
  • Cement/Sand dump bailing
  • Wireline Conveyed Perforating
  • Through Tubing Perforating
  • Tubing Conveyed Perforating
  • Grease Injection System
  • 139.7mm & 177.8mm lubricator/pressure control equipment
  • Wireline BOP


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